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An Unexpected Gift

This beautiful, warm Dyed4you throw blanket was an unexpected, impromptu gift (that divinely ended up being the colors that was special to their relationship). This Special Order throw was crafted a little differently than our How-To Make a D4Y Throw instructs, instead being essentially inlaid in the design of the throw itself. It turned out possibly the crispest and most professional-looking of all the throws I’ve created! I’ll definitely be doing more in this style in the future.  Continue reading An Unexpected Gift

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The Creator’s Essence

CreatorsEssenceSo excited to share this with you today!  For regulars in the Dyed4you Community, you know Dyed4you uses anointing oils created by our sister ministry the Scent of Heaven.  Carol (the founder and heart and hands behind the ministry) has been a spiritual mom to me since the first year of Dyed4you. Continue reading The Creator’s Essence

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How-To Make a D4Y Throw

I know many of you would love to have a Dyed4you Throw but simply can’t afford to get one. So for those of you who sew, I wanted to put together a quick how-to for the Fur and the Furry Mink Fleece throws.  This means you can just special order the silk charmeuse (which comes with a word) for one side and then you can sew it yourself! Continue reading How-To Make a D4Y Throw

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Dyed4you Canopy

Some of you may remember about 15 months ago the Father had me get rid of my canopy. At the time He let me replace it with a beautiful Dyed4you Art River of Life display including the matching silk. Continue reading Dyed4you Canopy

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“My” Room in OH ;)

It’s always fun to see how folks are inspired to display their Dyed4you silk and Dyed4you Art 🙂

Here Amanda has created a Dyed4you room complete with her beaded veil, several pairs of quills and even the Swept Away art piece that features a picture I did of her – it’s part of the Unbridled Passion series 🙂 Continue reading “My” Room in OH 😉

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Fur (Faux) Throw

We’ve added a new offering to our throws (aka prayer blankets). This snuggly throw is a super-soft, (faux) fur on one side and a heavy silk charmeuse on the other side that is custom dyed for you and comes with a letter with the word attached to it. The silk is prayed over and anointed just like any of our other silks. I LOVE mine! 😉 Continue reading Fur (Faux) Throw

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Introducing the Patchwork Throw (aka Prayer Blanket)

It’s actually interesting to me the timing of when all this has come together.  You see, I made the first patchwork throw as a gift for a very special friend for her birthday… and today is her birthday. It’s been two years to the day 🙂

Back then I didn’t think I’d make another, but about two months ago someone approached me about making them one.  I did the one (which you’ll undoubtedly see pictures of soon) and realized I REALLY didn’t want to be the one sewing these! LOL 🙂  But God provided a faithful Dyed4you customer and friend (Tami) to sew them.  I had her do one for me as a sample so you all could see it and so I could create an order page for it. Continue reading Introducing the Patchwork Throw (aka Prayer Blanket)