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Twilight Swing Flags

It’s always fun for me when I get to be an integral part of a scarf story, and this pair of swing flags has quite a story and they’ve only been completely birthed for just over 12 hours!

The Father had given Allissa a vision in a dream about a new day dawning (left), which she had me recreate in silk (center). We did it on a 3 yard piece of fabric she planned to sew into swing flags. But when the silk was done, it didn’t feel done. So we both prayed about it and felt like it needed to be over-dyed, which I did – thus was birthed Twilight (right). The essence of the Twilight word was a breaker anointing – breaking through of the new day.

On the last night of Allissa’s visit here with me, she sewed them into swing flags. When they were both done she began flagging in the basement where we were and WOW! Such a strong anointing hit! You could totally sense the presence of the Lord. We ended up taking turns ministering with the flags and had a deep time of intimacy with Him.

Below you’ll find a snippet from the basement (please excuse the bad lighting) as well as a longer video from the following morning – enjoy!

The music in both is called “All Things New” and is a free download from Winds of Fire.

View swing flags

12 thoughts on “Twilight Swing Flags

  1. It is so beautiful…thanks for sharing πŸ™‚

  2. WOW! Ok did you two read my note on this? Papa is still unveiling more and more on this and in relation to the scarf letter you sent me Meghan. Wow, He JUST talked to me about this on December 7th. I’m STILL soaking and meditating on that word. Papa is more and more getting my attention for sure on this I’m listening!

    Papa bless my sisters Allissa and Meghan richly!

  3. Excellent videos! I enjoyed them both, but I do have to say the basement one is my favorite. The rush of the Lord’s presence is tangible. A Holy Spirit wine…deep wine…maybe because you were in the basement? It does need the warning label onο»Ώ that video, do not watch before driving! πŸ™‚ I was laughing with joy and then Meghan starts to laugh in the video and that just pushed it over the top for me. Wow, that is a fun fun video and I am SOOOO glad you all shared that.

    In the top view video, my initial impression was of the Lord’s nail printed hands, His blood surrounded by His majesty. I revealing of His obedience and humility, the center, and of His Kingly majesty and Lordship. Also the edges in motion, I kept seeing white….light and glory.

    Thank you both for sharing these with us.

  4. WOW! (original I know) I was overwhelmed before I even watched the video’s. Feel like a full on sob session. I’d say an on time word for the whole body. Amazingly beautiful to look at but even better is the move of Holy Spirit on these. Well done girls!!!

  5. Those flags are gorgeous. I can’t stop staring at em. @.@

  6. Oh Melissa! I’m back too! Even having seen the material, they really hit me like a ton of bricks. Breaking into a new day is what is keeping me going. It is the word/message/promise that I keep hearing/reading/dreaming!

  7. daybreak, dawn, sunrise, I am at full attention now. that word keeps comming up. beautiful vid, loved when the joy hit!! beautiful worshippers, beautiful flags, Beautiful God!!

  8. oh how beautiful and touching. The annointing is truly there. What a blessing!

  9. Ah! God is so good. This felt so good and was much needed. And it STILL feels good.

    My favorite part (other than God being amazing):
    Me: “I can’t sto ha ha ha ha ppppp”!”

    And Meghan your laugh was absolutely precious! (it contributed to my ahhh… “state”)

    He is ushering in a New Day for many of us! It is exciting!

  10. Beautiful!

  11. oh, my goodness… listening/watching the 2nd video with the “All things new” video… i may get slain in the spirit, right here at my desk, my head is so heavy… and i can’t spell for beans LOL i keep having to correct what i’m typing.

    i know i keep sayint it, but Allissa… your technique is SO amazing. what a natural talent He’s given you.

    Oh, hey, Meghan… i know you post the listing of the bands/people/music with whom you shoot your videos… is there a listing on your website that shows all of them, especially the free downloads? and if not, i don’t have a problem going back through all of this footage… this is blessing my socks off and i’m ready to weep under the wieght of His Holy Presence… blessings πŸ™‚

  12. exquisite! I am utterly impressed with this silk and the flagging. Absolutely exquisite.

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