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Shavuot Services at PFT

In honor of Shavuot (Pentecost), my church (Passion for Truth) had a Shabbat meal and worship service on Friday followed by our normal weekly service Saturday that was focused on celebrating the last spring feast. I confess it made my heart smile to see how many Dyed4you silks were being WORN in addition to be used in worship!

I got some video both evenings (as well as pictures). Below you’ll find a ministry moment from Friday evening where our pastor asked the flaggers to come minister to those at the altar. It was a PRECIOUS moment and the presence of the LORD was so thick and I saw at least one minister in tears of intercession.

Flags in this video – altered quill wings and 35″ petite quill flags, the one large flag you see on the right during the middle of the video is not one of mine, but the 2 big ones you see in the last part are – the big yellow/white one is a 45×108 with a flag seam added and the rainbow one is a special order 55×108 flag.

The next video is near the close of Saturday evening’s service. All the flags are beautiful, but I confess I love seeing my hubby dancing a bit with the 35″ petite quills 😉

Flags in this video – altered quill wings, 35″ petite quill flags, and a pair of 45″ quill flags.

There is Dyed4you silk in all of the images below (which are from both days) – some are easier to spot than others and many images have more than one piece 🙂

The 10 year old young lady who was ministered to with the Soaring in His Righteousness altered quill wing (which is the red and light blue one being used by the woman wearing white) and then later was covered in the same quill wing ended up giving a testimony afterward in tears that she felt completely set free – it was a BEAUTIFUL moment!

View quills / 45×108 / sewing services / special order / custom-dyed silk

13 thoughts on “Shavuot Services at PFT

  1. beautiful!

  2. Just Beautiful!! As I was watching the video’s and looking at the pictures, I could feel his presence..thank you for sharing

  3. Your husband was amazing with the flags!!! I really enjoyed watching the live stream Friday night and Saturday. Pastor Jim had such a good message.

  4. Beautiful shots. You have captured the essence of some incredible moments!
    Shavout weekend was incredibly powerful with memories that will not soon be forgotten.

    Thank you for your time and talents to do this and share with us!

  5. outstanding. His Presence comes thru in the pics. Must have been incredibly thick and heavy and sweet!

  6. i really really really want to come and sit in the corner at Passion for Truth… all of the flags, worship and dancers, i’d certainly have my own li’l slice of heaven!

  7. Wow! so beautiful to watch your hubby! He’s so graceful, what a blessing!!!

  8. The pictures are beautiful! I love watching people worship with the flags!

  9. Wow!!! That was beautiful and wonderful to witness! I love seeing a man worshipping with flags. It is beautiful and powerful. I absolutely love the silks that Allissa was using. The colors were just so settling and soothing and yet strong and mighty. Thank you for sharing!

  10. Allissa, I loved seeing you in worship….so lovely and so beautiful! What a sweet presence of the Lord. Allen is a graceful dancer and what a joy to watch. Thank you Meghan for sharing these beautiful moments with us.

  11. i was just scrolling over the videos and pictures. the flow of color is making me giddy 🙂 at your place of worship, do you see miracles happening all the time? it just seems as though all gifts of the spirit would be activated all at the same time there, not in a chaotic way, but in a perfect, deep-calls-to-deep kind of way. the more the worship & intimacy presses in to our Father, the more he reveals to us.

    Allissa – i’m always awestruck. i feel that you have a warrior anointing when you flag and it just sets my spirit alight 🙂

  12. Wow! I have never seen a worship like that except in my dreams or in my “wanna” be mind while I worship.

    You guys ROCK for GOD!

    Imagine the children being birthed in your church. Guess this worshiper will have to make a visit to Passion for Truth.

    How beautiful to see a mighty man of God like Allen “love” on the Lord. A true blessing to return to many times over. Thank you for sharing your special moments and inspiring us to join in and praising with all we have of ourselves.

  13. Enjoyed watching the video and all the pictures tonight….what a dramatic shift in worship atmospheres seeing all those flags at PFT. The Lord has surely placed you in a new place of freedom!!!

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