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Believing God Loves…

Kayla-LoveSongI had the opportunity to do a trade with miss Kayla (of Blue Sheep Treasures).  You may remember I shared an amazing Tree of Life necklace she created for me (see below) on Facebook – it was totally prophetic! And so we negotiated to do a trade for more. This silk (the first piece she got in trade) is a 14×72 called Love Song (which is the silk used in the Dyed4you Art piece Speak Tenderly).

This was the precious response she sent me via email:

Hey Meghan, I received my scarf this morning… I LOVE it lol. One of the things I have been really struggling with is believing that God really loves me. I have so many issues with abandonment and rejection that I just can’t believe that God would love me personally… I have such a screwed up sense of worth lol. I was abandoned by my mother multiple times, and both my biological and step-fathers, and every one else I have ever tried to care about… I mean I KNOW God loves me, but I just can’t seem to get that knowledge down into my heart.

TreeOfLife1So yeah, this silk is SCREAMING prophetically at me lol! I can’t even begin to tell you how blessed I am by it 😀 It is just so so beautiful!!! Also, thank you for taking the time to hand write a note in the card you sent with the silk. I know that is such a simple thing, but it blessed me so much!!

I pray that the Father would just overwhelm you with His love and with Joy, you are such an amazing blessing to so many people! I pray that would return to you 7 fold!!!!

Later she added:

My Tree of Life necklace displayed in my car…Zephaniah 3:17 is one of my absolute FAVORITE scriptures 😀 I love love love to sing and I am so in love with the idea that God would sing over me 😀

Please join me in prayer for this precious woman and her heart. That Father would completely heal and restore her and overtake her with His love!

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13 thoughts on “Believing God Loves…

  1. What an awesome testimony!!!

    Abba love on your child Kayla in such a way that she never doubts your love for her again! Bring healing to all the hidden places in her heart as you continue to sing over her! In Yahshua’s name Amen

  2. This is Beautiful! Thank You for sharing her testimony… I come into agreement with Meghan’s and Elaine’s prayers. May God inundate Kayla’s heart with His Love that is Unfailing, Enduring and Faithful!

  3. Bless her! Bless her! The necklace is amazing too!

  4. So deeply passionate! Father Everytime Kayla wraps herself in this scarf, I pray that she would feel and comprehend your everlasting love for her.

  5. aww thank you guys for the wonderful comments! Meghan, I had completely forgotten I sent you that! It’s all good though, Honesty is important. I actually used to sleep with that scarf every night and I used it like a streamer in worship. The Holy Spirit actually had me to regift it to a young lady in my church who was really really feeling neglected by GOD. It’s all good though, because God has truly honored that sacrifice. You guys are too amazing for words!!!

  6. Also, it was so cool, you know, the name of the scarf was the love song, the scriptures were from Song of Solomon, and from Zeph 3:17, AND I received it in the mail on Valentines Day hahaha!

  7. Beautiful indeed.

  8. Such a beautiful scarf for a beautiful lady of God! Papa does truly love you!! Praying

  9. Amazing…then Holy Spirit lead her to regift it to another who needed more then her and the story continues…

  10. praying for both of you precious sisters, 🙂

  11. you are worth far more than rubies……He will never leave or forsake you, He is your Abba and He holds you tenderly in the apple of His Eye. Kayla, prescious child of God…

  12. Amen to everyone’s prayers and comments!

    I keep every one of the words that come with the silks I have when Papa has me give a silk away. I copy the original and keep it where I keep prophetic words that Papa has given me so I can revist them and declare them.

  13. this is a sweet testimony; a true blessing. wonderful how the Father works in us and through us. these worship tools are truly a gift that keeps on blessing the body of Yeshuah. May this scarf continue to minister the overwhelming love of our Heavenly Father

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