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Comparing Quill to Dowel in LWH

ComparingDowel2QuillLWHWe’ve posted a demo comparing dowel wings to quill wings in the XL size (5mm weight), and today we’re doing the same for the large wing size in the 8mm (i.e. LWH) – though this is a standard size for our quills, the dowel LWH is a special order item.  Both these wings have the serged edges rather than the hand-rolled, hand-sewn. This is a great size wing whether in dowel or quill!

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3 thoughts on “Comparing Quill to Dowel in LWH

  1. What a lovely model! That is a great selling point getting one with a dowel instead of a quill. You can do so much more with the dowel flag. 🙂

  2. Thanks! Perfect timing because I have been praying about getting a wing and didn’t know if it should be a dowel or a quill!!!!

  3. I love wings. They are so pretty flyi g and they are wonderful to wear as a prayer shawl or to dance with.

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