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Mind-Blowing Giant Quills

Larisa is demo-ing the flags the recipient is commenting on below. They were AH-MAZING flags! Too big for me, but Larisa was working them beautifully. 🙂 And the recipient is taller and loves big flags… maybe one day he’ll share some video. 😉 In the meantime, here’s his response to his flags and a demo video of these special order giant quills called Honored One

I got the flags today! It was mind blowing!! It looks so good! I’m so excited to use it this Sunday to bless papa and his people! Thank you so much for the word!! God really spoke through you guys to me! So much intimacy and blessings I received from those words! Thank you thank you!

Below is a demo video we took of the flags before they shipped:

7 thoughts on “Mind-Blowing Giant Quills

  1. So cool! I love seeing and hearing about the Father moving and blessing people!

  2. Beautiful. How wonderful that there is room at his church to use them.

    1. I know! We used to have space like that, but not where we are now. They sure are beautiful!

  3. Years ago I started something to help me relax. I would simply go outside and sit on what use to be a running track. I would close my eyes and listen. My mind was empty and I had no agenda other than to guess what the sounds around me were. Eventually I started noticing a voice in the wind. How the warmth of the sun was like a kiss to my cheek and a blanket of comfort and love around me. The songs of the birds a joyful praise and the sound of running water laughter and strength. This created intimacy with an awesome God who love to dance and desires to be a part of every area of our lives if we let him. My problem is I walked away from this and let the world take over my life. I sure miss this part of my life

    1. Praying you’re able to find that place again! I know for me the relationship ebbs and flows. It takes incredible discipline to keep the fire burning hot all the time! But I keep trying 🙂

      Bless you!

  4. I have been wondering what the Father wanted me to get next. I have been all over your website…praying. I thought He was leading me to two large streamer veils and then I saw these. They are magnificent!!! Now I have to back into my prayer closet! I am not even sure anymore. I thought I was set on two streamer veils.
    LOL!! I may just have to pay you and let the Father tell you what I should have. I think my flesh gets in the way. LOL! But honestly, these are truly magnificent. Thank you for sharing!

  5. Gorgeous! They remind me of a huge butterfly. It’s almost like they are alive!

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