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Royal Confirmation

It’s always awesome to see how Papa orchestrates every detail of this ministry – including who and when someone wins a giveaway for leaving a comment on one of our blog posts! Here is one such story along with a video of her using her winning flag. 🙂

This is long overdue but here I am finally with my Queen Esther Flag I received through a Dyed4you giveaway.

Papa had been speaking to me about my identity in Him, who I was, and about a new authority He was bringing me into. I had recently received a prophetic word about my “coronation”.  

On March 11th, 2017 I had a prayer encounter with Jesus. He was standing in front of me dressing me in “Queens” clothes. I felt like a little girl in dress up clothes that were too big for me, as the crown He placed on my head slid over my eyes and rested on my nose. The royal purple cloak trimmed in white fur almost buried me, it was so large. And the shoes! I felt like a little girl trying to walk around in her mothers high heels! Not to mention the golden scepter He handed me. I could hardly pick it up off the ground. It was so large and heavy. I looked up at Jesus and said, ” But Jesus, none of this fits! It’s all too big for me!” Jesus just smiled at me and said, “oh, but in My eyes it all fits you perfectly My daughter. Look at yourself and see the way I see you.” Then my eyes were opened and I saw myself as He did in a perfectly fitting “Queens” clothes, and was able to easily pick up and hold the golden scepter! That was the end of this encounter.

Later that same day (March 11th) I was looking at Facebook and saw a jewelry advertisement with the August birthstone-peridot (green), and the caption read like this: Queens are born in August”.

My birthday just happens to be in August!

Then low and behold, not long after that on the same day… March 11th… I received an email from Dyed4you that I was chosen in the recent giveaway and would be receiving a “Queen Esther” flag. So many confirmations, all on the same day of His everlasting, undying love for me.

Since then I have used this flag to release prophetic words over others. I also recently took it with me to Guatemala on a missions trip to release the Queen Esther anointing over the women of that country, that they will continue to walk into their identity and bring real lasting change to their nation.

Thank you!!!!! Thank you for this huge blessing! May Papa bless you back 100 fold! Blessings! Love, “Queen” Carol

2 thoughts on “Royal Confirmation

  1. Love this story! Mine is very similar I walked with Father God for years then I met and married a non believer an for ten years I was away from God then one day I had a life changing event he was cheating, that night I walked away from the bound life and back to the Lord! I was on Facebook and I saw dyed4you was asking for a name of a wonderful flag this flag spoke to me it spoke purity and fulfillment in him that we were made clean. I had the honor of naming this flag and now I am using this flag. It is a reminder that I am new in him, not that old man but new in him!

  2. I love this story. Thank you for sharing it is such an encouragement and reminds me of how God loves details and coordinates things perfectly. One more detail I thought I would add to this story is that Purim started the night of March 11th. 😊 No coincidence there I know!

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