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Extravagant Flags

This is a stunning video of a pair of special order bendie flags (5mm aka “light” weight silk) being used by a gentleman who has an amazing heart for the Lord on stage at Bethel Church in Redding CA. How awesome to share in this glorious moment!

Here’s what he shared in his post with this video:

Sometimes we get into a funk, and shame creeps in to disturb our love for God. It’s easy to lose sight of Jesus in that moment. How can we get rid of those foxes that spoil the vine? To worship; to be; to be who we are. We are the worshipers of the most high God! Let us come before Him literally and intimately. Let our love for Him bubble up from deep within regardless of hard circumstances and dry feelings. We love Him because of Him not what we can get from Him. 😄 #Jesusistrulyenough

Thanks to the one and only Sasha Vanessa Gagner for taking this moment of worship.
Thanks to Dyed4you for making those extravagant flags.

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