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411 on Wings

Adding a quick update (4/5/17) – we now offer reinforced dowel wings/flags – so if you happen on this page, head over there for the most current information 😉

Since all the videos I posted of Amanda with the wings (here’s one in case you missed it), there’s been lots of interest in the wings and so I thought some further information might be helpful 🙂

What sizes can I get wings in?

What weight fabric is it?

For any of the ones mentioned above, they’re available in both 5mm and 8mm China Silk (the 35×84 in 8mm is special order).

More on Dowels (the sticks inside the wings)

The 35×84 and altered semicircle wing both take a 36″ dowel (you can select whichever diameter that suits you).  These are available at craft stores typically for around $1-$2.

The full sized 45×108 semicircle wing accommodates a 48″ dowel (I find these at Home Depot at a similar price).  Recently the Lord gave me an “ah ha” and had me try the 36″ dowel in a full-sized wing (since the 48″ can be intimidating and difficult to work with especially if you’re short). I’ve posted a video at the bottom – I think it looks wonderful – it just creates a longer tail.

I STRONGLY suggest sanding the dowel enough that the sides are smooth and the top and bottom are slightly rounded, not doing so can create snags or pierce holes through your silk (especially the 5mm which is a delicate fabric).

If you are crafty, you may prefer to add a small ball at the tip to protect the top of your wing and a larger ball at the end for you to grab onto.

I do not sell dowels because they break VERY easily in transit and I would end up having to charge way more in shipping to try to prevent it and so since they’re so readily available… hopefully you won’t mind a trip to the store 😉

More about Seams

Let me begin by emphasizing that I am NOT a professional seamstress!  I offer sewing services because there are some people who are not able or do not wish to sew their own seam.  So I offer the service and sew with a silk thread that dyes to a perfect match (thus masking my imperfect stitching!).  If you are a proficient seamstress or know someone who is I encourage you and will not remotely be insulted if you let them sew it for you or sew it yourself.

The altered wings were created because people liked the semicircle shape but wanted to use a 36″ dowel and/or wanted a smaller shape.  The drawback of the altered wing is that by adding the seam to the center you weaken the fabric, which mostly becomes problematic where the end of the dowel hits it. Expect that over time it will wear.  Mine has but frankly since it’s under my hand, I don’t particularly care, but I did want to warn you!

If you sew, you might consider putting a lining inside the pocket for dowel. This will help with the longevity of your worship tool.  The simple seams I offer are function and will last if treated with care, but there are sturdier ways to create the pocket. More info on wing seam options.

Other Maintenance Tips

If you hit the tip of your wing (where the end of the dowel is) against a rough surface, it can cause tears in the fabric. So for example, if you’re using your wing outside on concrete and give it a good whack on the ground, you are likely to end up with a small hole.  Again, this won’t be visible while it’s in use, but I wanted to warn you 🙂

Expect that the spot where your hand is gripping will wear over time – again this won’t be visible while in use, but you’ll notice when you look closely.


To help minimize wrinkles, I roll my wings around the dowel by folding them in half (so the tail is at the tip) and then rolling.  This may cause some extra wear at the hand-grip spot at well since that’s where the fold is; it’s how I keep mine and I’d found the impact to be minimal in my opinion 🙂

More questions?

If you have more questions or suggestions – post them in the comments and if a response is needed I’ll post a response comment back!

A couple other how-tos on wings that may be helpful:

17 thoughts on “411 on Wings

  1. I love this post Meghan, it is great 🙂 lots of helpful idea’s! I too roll up my wing as you suggusted and it works out great. I am going to have to try the 36 inch dowel in my new wing, I thought about it and now that you suggested it, I think it will be great!!! Blessing Meghan, I love you!

  2. I hadn’t watched the video yet, It is beautiful!! So once I get better, I can try it will a longer dowel 🙂 I just love that song by Jason Upton, In your presence

  3. Beautiful Meghan. I just made one for Caleb last week out of white fabric. Lets talk about the details!!!!

  4. All I can say is this – PLEASE come to Vermont – to worship and train us. I am so humbled every time I watch you – for the presence of God is just lit up in your face – it is so contagious. I am looking forward to the day where I will have the tools that God has used you to design – in my hands. The you will see the witness of your hard work and it will be a testimony of how He used you to raise our small group into another level of worship. Just so humbled by everything you share and encouraged about the reality of my dream coming to fruition….Thank you Meghan

  5. Great information. You are so thoughtful to think of all these things that would matter to people. Your customer service is exceptional! I commend you Meghan.

  6. The angels rejoice with you, Miss Meghan!!! Watching it again and loving every moment. Thank you also for the great tips on the dowel etc….so good to know. So excited to receive mine soon!!! Yipee!!!

  7. Meghan, you are growing and strengthening even more in your worship to Him. It’s getting even more powerful. You are just glowing with His presence and it’s a blessing to watch you. I love your posts and can’t wait for more! Thank you so, so much for taking the time to do what you do especially with this blog. I love all the how-to’s,, demonstrations, etc. It helps me out so much and I know it blesses all these other sisters 🙂

    And by the way, I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this WING!!!! Oh….my……GOODNESS!!! Favorite coloring of all the ones I’ve seen! And the way it shines and flows as a wing is GORGEOUS! I’m in LOVE!!….did I mention I LOVE it!?!? 😉

  8. I keep watching this over and over because #1 You look stunning with His presence ALL over you and #2 I’m in LOVE with the wing, lol

  9. OK I have to add my 2 cents! The wing is awesome! I agree with all the others said too. The information you provide is very helpful and it is awesome to watch you worship!

  10. Thanks for adding the How-To links on the basics of wings! Super helpful! Your hardwork and diligence in this blog is greatly appreciated, Meghan!!

  11. I could just watch the movement of the silk all day long….so beautiful!

  12. @Tami – I have not used one on a wing, but on a flag yes… if you plan to use the wing for extended periods of time I understand having the knob makes it easier to grip. If anyone else has experience I hope they’ll pipe up!

  13. I Love that wing it is so beautiful:) One day I will be able to get one of those and I cant wait!! I love what God is doing with this ministry!!

  14. I can’t stop watching this video!! You look beautiful Meghan, and this wing is just breathtaking. I love it!

  15. I LOVE this wing – Dwelling in His Beauty – the coloring is stunning!!

  16. I thought that there were quill sticks in the wing flags ? Anyways where do you find them thinking abi=out making my own but dont know where to find those bendable stick?

    1. The quills are a proprietary design from prophetic worship banners.

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