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PFT Worship

Can I start by saying I love my church? This is a clip from a typical evening of worship on Shabbat (Sabbath) at Passion for Truth Fellowship (which streams live every Saturday at 5pm CST).

We are so blessed to have a group of people who truly love to press in during worship – so in this clip you will see men, women and children dancing, using flags, and moving as one with the billow.

This was the first Shabbat service we’d used the billow, so this wasn’t something where they pulled it out and everyone did what they always do, people were being led to go under the Rivers of Peace billow (a special order 45″ x 6 yard silk). The silk has Hebrew lettering added “Therefore if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.” John 8:36 and without knowing the name of the silk or the fact that the verse was written on it our worship leader Matt Hoffman begins spontaneously singing about getting in the river and being set free!  I love Holy Spirit 🙂

You’ll see more of my hubby with the Passion Fire (special order) flag and you’ll see some kids enjoying swing flags (one is the Treasured Possession one you’ve seen before). I love seeing the moms and dads worshiping with with children in their arms (or the friends of moms and dads holding a child for a while to allow the parents to worship with their hands free).

Again, I love my church 🙂  I hope you enjoy sharing the moment!

View Special Order / Swing Flags

13 thoughts on “PFT Worship

  1. LOVE this! I can’t stop smiling:) My cheeks ache. Allen looks like he is using a sword. Beautiful. Oh, Abba, how does this move You? How does praise affect You, Holy One of Israel, the Ancient of Days? Enthroned in glory and magesty. May we find refuge under Your wings and delight in Your presence. Anoint our heads with oil and drench us in prophetic rain. Thank You, Yeshua. Shalom:)

  2. What a sweetness and peacefulness in the midst of ENJOYING Him and His presence!!! Abba’s heart just overflowing with love and bursting with desire!

  3. Makes me wish I could join in… thanks so much for sharing..

  4. oh, that brought a smile to my face. we always had the kids running beneath the billows. it was a little harder to get the grown ups engaged. what a wonderful body you get to fellowship with!

  5. beautiful! I love this!!!!

  6. I can see why you feel so at home there. 😀

  7. LOVE the freedom you have in worship! What an amazing gift to have a place like PFT to genuinely express your worship to the Father 🙂

  8. Love seeing the men up at the altar worshipping. it is so rare to see this. today for the first time there were men up front at my church. made me cry tears of joy for the men to be taking their place as worshippers. Is this where you attend Meghan? It is awesome!!

  9. @Karen – Yes, this is my church home 🙂 It is beautiful to see everyone engaging in worship. My pastor really does a great job setting the example. It’s wonderful seeing those who are confident AND those who feel awkward up there dancing – even the teenage boys dance! We are so blessed 🙂

  10. I so miss this freedom!

  11. Oh my goodness, Meghan! I did not know that you did this, I just happened to come over for a visit, and look what I found! 😀 This is so wonderful, I can’t wait to show Terry! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Very Annointed!

  13. What a wonderful time, the people are having!!!

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