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The Life of a Swing Flag

It’s always fun to me to get to see how silks will get passed along. First blessing one, then another, etc. This one is especially fun for me because these started out as mine. They were my first pair of swing flags, and in fact one of the first pairs every made by Dyed4you! After I’d had them for a season, Papa had me pass them along to the “mama of Dyed4you”, and after she’d had them for a season she passed them along to a young man at her church who was clearly anointed to flag. 

I didn’t know him at the time, but Papa has since moved my hubby and I to the same church and I’ve gotten the opportunity to get to know this precious family and it makes this story all the sweeter for me. 🙂 He loves them (and the pair of RSW that has since been added to his collection)!

With that said, here he is with his flag a year ago (with his sister using the other one on the left).

And here he was a few weeks back at church using it. I’m sure you’ll be blessed!

5 thoughts on “The Life of a Swing Flag

  1. Love it! So powerful when children worship! Hearts wide open!

  2. WHAT a COOL story !!!!

  3. I love this video!! He’s blessing my heart by how open he is to just be free to worships. It’s like it’s just him and Papa. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Awesome! I love watching kids flag! There’s something so precious and pure with them!

  5. Love to see kids flag! I love the rainbow colors too!

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