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Wind of God

A fun video from a women’s retreat that includes a number of swing flags. The first pair of swing flags were a gift, which is what she’s referring to below. Beautiful to see how one obedient seed can bring a harvest!

I thought you might like to see this video. I took it in Sept 2012 when we had a women’s retreat through our church. We went out on our free time to worship with flags. As we worshiped, the more flags we had going, the harder the wind blew. If we let up, the wind let up.

As we continued, the wind picked back up. It was awesome. It got to where you could stand and just hold up the flag and it was blowing straight out. When we had to quit, interestingly, the wind majorly let up too.

The flags used were Passion Fire, Blessing in the Valley, and Boldness in My Name, and a couple others. I absolutely love love love worshiping with flags! And there are a fair amount of people and children starting to use them in our church.

Allissa started the flame, and it’s becoming a fire!!! So thank you Allissa and Meghan!

View swing flags

10 thoughts on “Wind of God

  1. oh my oh my!!! That was lovely!!!! I love to see people being free in worhip!!!! Glory!!!

  2. It is inevitable! That happens to me too, even when I shoot video in my front yard or take pictures. Quill Flagging in the wind doesn’t always work so well, swing flags work better in the wind. Very cool!

  3. Wow! That is interesting. Everytime we go to practice it gets windy. We were thinking the opposite. New Perspectives…..

  4. my spirit is jumping up and down saying I know why!! its cause when the flags fly, it changes the atmoshpere and that causes the wind to blow. The Holy Spirit comes rushing in!! Hands up in the air, jumping up and down saying, I know why!!!

  5. AWESOME!!

  6. Beautiful it is like the trees themselves want to praise the Lord also and join right in.

  7. I love spontaneous worship and I know that Father was smiling on His children!!! beautiful!

  8. I like the view of all those flags together! ^^

  9. Father God moves in the Wind the “Wind of His Fire” the “Wind of Goodness” the “Wind of His Goodness” the “Wind blows and He Moves!!!

  10. This is such a blessing to see so many people getting involved with worship with flags. I love hearing how the wind was blowing/stopping! That is so awesome and I echo the above comment that talks of the atmosphere changing! Wow!

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