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Blessed by a Last Minute Flag for a Dance

This worshipper got asked to do a dance at the last moment and came to us needing a flag that was ready to ship. We were thrilled since this is exactly the type of circumstance we created Dyed4you Readymade for! We made a suggestion for which silk we thought she might consider (a large long quill flag called Call To Me And I Will Answer) and it was confirmation because it was the same color she’d been sensing. She got the flag and was able to use it for her dance. Below she shares her feedback 🙂

Thank you again for my beautiful flag. I danced last night and it was just beautiful!!!! God is amazing. I was truly blessed. And so were many others. May the Lord continue to bless your ministry! It is truly anointed. I am looking forward to ordering my special flag, I’m just waiting on the Lord on when to order. Be blessed always. 🤗 Here are some pics.

This flag was inspired by one of the inspiration images we share on our Dyed4you Art FB page. We’ve shared the image below. Also below you’ll find the demo video I did of this flag so you can see it in motion.


2 thoughts on “Blessed by a Last Minute Flag for a Dance

  1. God is so faithful!!!!

  2. God is so good. He always provides what is needed.

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