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Revelation of the Hidden Things LWH (8mm) Quills

This is a fun special order quill – it’s the LWH (large wing heavy, which means it’s in the 8mm weight) Quill. This pair is called Revelation of the Hidden Things.  As you know I love MW Quills, but I thoroughly enjoyed using these slightly larger and heavier weight quill wings (that have a heavier quill)! The first video demos the wings and the second compares it to the MW Quills so you can see the difference.

The music is my dear friend Kent Henry from his album Light of Heaven 🙂

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20 thoughts on “Revelation of the Hidden Things LWH (8mm) Quills

  1. Amazing!! beautiful. Love them

  2. Wow! I stumbled onto this site about a week ago. I have just started taking flagging classes from a lady at our church. I saw it as a way to increase the dimension of my prayer and worship. I just made my 1st set of FLAGS!! These are totally awesome!! I love them. I’ve asked God can I have a set for Christmas (smile).

  3. Wow these are amazingly beautiful!

  4. Wow….absolutely gorgeous!

  5. you have wrecked me!! again………. lol

  6. Oh my oh my!

    Meghan these are Gorgeous! The Holy Spiit was thick as I watched you worship with the LW quills! I so love watching you worship and the way you smile and glow when you do!


    Oh and PS I’ll be asking Daddy for a pair! 🙂

  7. Love the size, the colors, the movement and the sense of being lost in the worship with this pair of wing flags.

  8. These are amazing! They are both beautiful but that extra bit of silk is just over the top!

  9. I love them. They’re beautiful. I missed you for a couple days Meghan. I missed the flags at PFT-online over the weekend. They definitely enhance at-home worship and the flowing of Ruach Ha Kodesh.

  10. good to see the difference. i would compare the two in this way. i tho’t of flowers. compare the tulip and the rose. the smaller flag has a more simple flow and flutter. the larger flag obviously takes more effort and the flow and flutter curls more, causing the waves to be fuller. both flags are beautiful. and perhaps they have a different intent and intensity. i find that true for every size change and for every material change and for every color change. oh, and don’t forget the user!! perhaps the same word is said differently from the call on a person’s life. the emphasis and facet of the Word changes as it becomes rhema from God thru deliverer to recipient at any given moment.

  11. Those are some of the most beautiful flags i have ever seen. I usually prefer the swing flags but those are so big and beautiful. I also love the name, which has been speaking to me lately. Thank you for sharing.

  12. Beautiful!!! I love the LW size & weight, there is just so much substantialism to it, at the same time very flowy…beautiful 🙂 !!!

  13. *.* They look like flowers petals in motion! I really like the 8mm silk on the quills but I agree with Donna, each and every one of them is made to fulfill a purpose in the spiritual realm.

    PS: Loved your smile at the end of the 2nd video! YOU are stunning!!

  14. beautiful meghan his glory is all around you and in lovae an shalom Yahweh bless you my friend

  15. Truly beautiful! 🙂

  16. Revelation of the Hidden Things ………….. I have never seen such beauty!!

  17. I have always loved this set of flags since first I saw them. Are they still available or are they spoken for?

  18. They look like angel wings <3 so beautiful…I just love thes I'm gonna have to order one …awesome so beautful <3 Thank you for your site <3 😀

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